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Digital Accordion AiR Serie

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Accordion iPad system Reprocessing


Digital Accordion AiR Serie:  The more acoustic of the digital accordions!

Since its creation, the Digit has become the favourite digital model of accordionists, thanks in no small part to the success of the Digit Millenium.

Cavagnolo decided to create a whole new series of the Digit, which we called: Digital Accordion AiR Serie and equipped with all the latest technologies.

It’s your ideal companion for practising, rehearsing at home, performing on stage, in the studio or at a concert – its versatility knows no bounds.

With the Digit AiR technology we’ve created an instrument of a similar look and feel to the acoustic accordion but with an unparalleled digital reliability. Its quality of sound impresses at every turn, and its comfort of use is one of its key advantages.

This is a high performance MIDI digital accordion – an evolving model with all the perks of an acoustic. 

With maneuverability via iPad, a new intuitive user interface, a wireless MIDI WAVE system, and some of the highest performing components and memory ever seen on a Cavagnolo thus far.

A truly stunning Digit conceived to bring you the very best musical moments.

Video presentation of the Digit AiR

Here’s a summary of all the technical characteristics of our digital models. If you have any questions about the ergonomy of the accordion, its weight, or its technical components, this is the one to watch!


A perfect silhouette.

For years modern technology has enabled us to produce a perfect aesthetic, completely in harmony with the quality and performance of our instruments.

The renowned Cavagnolo grill, adorned with swallows and a finely cut arabesque is devoid of any unsightly additions.

A delight for lovers of the brand, and a real sight for sore eyes






Light as a feather but heavy-weight.

Synonymous with quality, lightweight and high resistance, carbon fibre is now used by the most distinguished constructors whether in the automobile industry or the aerospace sector.

Influenced by this technical progress all around us, and as part of our constant drive for innovation, Cavagnolo took on the challenge of using carbon fiber for our instruments, while keeping the complex rounded figures which gave the brand its reputation and exclusivity.

Cavagnolo equips all of its “New Tech” models with a box made out of carbon fibre. Outside of its incomparable quality, it’s unbeatable on weight too.


An accordion box that’s lighter than 1.5 kilos!

You’ll never thank yourself enough for thinking of your health and going easy on your back.

It's got some mechanics under the hood!

The first time you pick up a Digit AiR, you’ll notice the extreme attention to detail that has been given to the way it feels, in particular the keyboards.

Like all Cavagnolos, the Digit AiR contains real integrated mechanics, which makes use of our exclusive ball valves.

For the ultimate experience, pure quality of sound is not enough. You need ergonomy, comfort, ease of handling and control.

It’s impossible to think of the Digit AiR without its unique keyboard, favoured for its precision, responsiveness and dynamism. 

As soon as you start playing, this is all evident!



Contactless contacts.

For over 10 years, we’ve been using avant-garde contacts in our digital accordions which are modern and extremely reliable.

Today, Cavagnolo is still the only manufacturer to offer this technology based on photoelectric cells.

This type of contact is not at risk from dust or oxidation. Say goodbye to faulty connections! There’s no glue; so no risk of ageing parts.

When a note is pressed, it cuts a beam of light with no friction. Therefore it’s impossible to wear the contacts down throughout the years.

Each button of the Digit AiR, even on the left hand, is coupled with an independent cell.

For a model that is constantly evolving with the times, it was logical to make use of durable and reliable parts.


Capturing expression on demand.

Without expression, an accordion wouldn’t be an accordion!

Fear not, the Digit AiR performs all of your nuances in the finest detail. Your intentions on the bellows are digitally analysed and reproduced. The Digit AiR has an expression sensor, faithfully calibrated, and can therefore perform all the sound effects that are possible with an accordion, such as crescendos, retriplets, vibratos or bellows skake.

But the intelligence of the sensor goes beyond this. As well as being configurable for each instrument used, the Digit AiR can also adapt the full potential of its expression from the force of your arm, by calibrating your maximal pushing and pulling of the bellows. In summary, the expression of the Digit AiR is completely aligned with your own way of playing the bellows.


OLED screen for your eyes only!

To make using the Digit AiR even easier, a lightly inclined OLED screen displays key information.

Usually, these screens are used to display various menu pages. But that’s not the case here, as this one always displays the same set of information, in the same place. It’s your veritable dashboard, suited to your needs. The Digit AiR was conceived to be simple, accessible, and usable by players of all ages.

OLED screens are the highest performing, and this one offers complete legibility whether it’s day or night.

Discrete and perfectly sized, you won’t be able to go without it!




Take control immediately.

High Tech does not necessarily mean complicated.

Digit AiR is the proof.

You use it exactly like an acoustic accordion, thanks to a traditional selector placed at the back of the right hand keyboard for Digit AiRs with a button keyboard, and on the grill for Digit AiRs with a piano keyboard.

The instrument is ready to go as is. Like with synthesizers, the programming is not meant to be done on stage on the day of an event. This phase requires allocated time, so that’s why we split up the usage of the Digit AiR into three phases, so that each moment is efficient, pleasurable and worry-free for everyone.

  • Phase 1: A digital accordion which is simple to use, customizable, and usable like an acoustic accordion.
  • Phase 2: A Digit Live Control app destined for daily use, simple and “live”, working via Bluetooth under iOS via an iPad.
  • Phase 3: in the same app, an extended programming mode for the most proficient users, for the full range of capabilities of the Digit AiR.


In short, the Digit AiR is simple but powerful, with a 2-in-1 targeted app.




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