Digital accordion Digit AiR

Digital accordion Digit AiR Cavagnolo

Digital Accordion Digit AiR: The entry-level product of the AiR series.

The need was there, so we made it.

Digital accordion Digit AiR is designed to allow you to acquire a high-quality accordion at an affordable price. Of course, it doesn’t have the range of possibilities of the Digit AiR Pro or Digit AiR Millenium, but it has a powerful sound motor, and its sound quality is up to the mark.

It contains essential accordion styles as well as the main GM/GS sounds. It was conceived to be ‘ready-to-play’ out of the box, and you can make use of the 40 registers (presets) programmed in the factory.

However, you can extend its features by choosing a Pro or Millenium model.

It’s an integral part of the AiR family.


Available in format

Button 96 bass
LB9 or LB9+


Button 120 bass
LB12 or LB12+


Piano 96 bass
37 keys LP9


Piano 120 bass
41 keys LP12



10 GM / GS sounds

The Digit AiR contains 10 staple GM / GS sounds.

You can play your favourite themes using the sound of a trumpet, saxophone, violin, guitar, or indeed the piano.

These possibilities are just one of the many advantages of using digital accordions.


Accordion sounds too!

The Digit AiR offers 10 different accordion sounds, including:

  • Le 3 Voix Musette (Bal Musette)
  • L’Américain (Vedette 10)
  • Le Basson (Vedette 10)
  • Le Double Basson (Vedette 10)
  • La Flute (Vedette 10)
  • Le Plein Jeu (Vedette 10)
  • Le Plein Jeu musette (Professionnel 8)
  • Le Bandonéon (Vedette 10)
  • La Quinzième (Vedette 10)
  • etc….

The left hand of the Vedette 10 (5 voices) was entirely recorded!

It also has a bandonéon sound by Alfred Arnold, and an accordina sound by Marcel Dreux.

Each of these sounds were sampled note by note, which means that digital transposition doesn’t warp the sound when played. The high-quality sound and natural rendition of sound are two of the key assets of our Digit AiR models.


Some percussions?

10 Presets are available with percussion added on the left hand keyboard.

So, for example, you can play in a “jazzy” style with a cymbal that punctuates your bassline, or indeed with a snare drum supporting your chords.


What about a drummer?

To accompany your melodies, you can play alongside a “real” drummer.

“Real” in what way? Well, we recorded 30 audio beats, played by a real professional drummer, on an acoustic drum set.

Your repertoire will be uplifted thanks to this meticulous support. The integrated beats are especially made to suit the accordion repertoire.

The professional audio quality of these beats is a key feature. You can change the tempo of these 30 beats to play at whatever speed is best for you.


And a full orchestra too?

Now, you can have a full orchestra at home just like on stage.

130 orchestrations come with the Digit AiR – all classics for the accordion, of course.

Tempos and keys are completely customisable to your wishes.

The name of the orchestration will appear on your accordion’s OLED screen, and a countdown clock starts as soon as you activate the orchestration.

It’s therefore easy to understand which orchestration is ready as well as the moment it will stop.


Upgrades are possible

If in time you find yourself wanting more possibilities, you can upgrade your Digit AiR to the Digit AiR Pro or Digit AiR Millenium models! We can completely transform your instrument in our factory, in order to give it a new breath of life. After the upgrade, you can totally customise your Digit AiR by creating and saving your very own sound combinations. You can add your own MP3 orchestrations from a USB key to widen your repository of accompaniments. Of course, when you upgrade to a superior model, you will have access to hundreds of new sounds.

It’s also possible to equip your Digit AiR with an HF MIDI Wave system afterwards, even if it did not have one when you acquired it.

The Digit AiR is much more than a MIDI accordion. You can spend years with it and still access our latest releases. Gone are the days when you need to sell your accordion to be able to buy a newer, more powerful model. Cavagnolo designed the Digit AiR to last!


Accessories available

To increase your playing pleasure, you can make it even more high performing, more accessible and complete, all this at your own rhythm.

Accessories available are:

The HF MIDI WAVE system, to allow you to play everywhere, freely and wirelessly. 

The inside of your Digit AiR will be equipped with a lithium battery block and a 2,4 GHz transmitter, and your expander will become a receptor. With this equipment, you’ll no longer need to link up your accordion to an expander with a MIDI cable. This is a must have!



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