Export 8

Export 8 Cavagnolo
Are you in love with french musette sounds with many vibrations? Then the Export 8 is made for you. A warm and powerful musette thanks to its flute within the cassotto which is its principal feature. It has a complete sound palette with 11 registers, which allows you to access a large repertoire.
Comes with a case, strap and warranty certificate.
Weight 11,3 Kg
Size 48,5 cm
Case type Traditional
Voices Model A mano
Color customization Possible
Cuztomisable tuning Possible
Left hand
Standard Bass 120
Number of voices 5
Registers 5
Versions available
  • 2x4
  • 3x3
Right Hand
Number of voices 4 (16+8+8+8-)
Registers 13
Cassotto 2 (16 + 8-)
Notes 41
Range F / A
Options available
IMAC Microphone kit Possible
Essentiel MIDI Kit No
Digit AiR MIDI Kit No
Light LED System possible
Diamond Cup No
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