Digital Accordion Digit AiR Millenium

Digit AiR Millenium

Digit AiR Millenium : A fresh take on the accordion.


The Digit AiR Millenium is the flagship of our digital accordions.

Here at Cavagnolo, Millennium means everything is possible!

It has the same features as the  Digit AiR Pro but is equipped with the wireless MIDI WAVE system – and that’s not all. It has additional functions and new high quality exclusive sounds, as well as Art! technology sounds.

The Digit Live Control app is one of its assets. Simple, fast and complete control.

With the Millenium everything is possible – nothing can stop it.

What could be better?


Available in format

Button 96 bass
LB9 or LB9+


Button 120 bass
LB12 or LB12+


Piano 96 bass
37 keys LP9


Piano 120 bass
41 keys LP12


















Accordinas, bandoneons, Multi-tuning accordions, 3 voices accordions with cassotto or not, 4 voices with double cassotto, bayan accordion with free bass… All this in ont instrument?


The Digit AiR Millenium offers dozens of accordion sounds sampled from our very best instruments. You’ll find sounds played like Marcel Azzola, Éric Bouvelle, Joss Baselli, Richard Galliano, Aurélien Noël, Damien Poyard, Alain Musichinni, and many more…

We sampled our range of models, from the oldest to the newest. Therefore you’ll find the Professionnel 8, the Compact Plus, the Vedette 10, the Steirisch accordion, acccordinas, bandoneons…

Whether you’re a fan of jazz, musette, folk, french variety, or even classical, the Digit AiR will meet all of your requirements.

Each sound is listed with a symbol corresponding to the voices used. For complete understanding, when you select a sound, the accordion model used comes up on the iPad screen. What could be more simple?

Accordions sounds only?


The Digit AiR Millenium offers a multitude of sounds. You’ll find all the sounds you need to play your desired style.


Pianos, keyboards, percussions, organs, accordions, guitars, bass, violins – both solo and ensemble – voice, trumpets, saxophones, flutes, synths, strings, ethnic sounds… Everything is included!

Over 600 sounds are accessible on the very same model as the accordion sounds. The interface of our app is conceived to make its use simple and fast. The Digit AiR Millenium remains the highest performing and simplest to use MIDI accordion. Accessing its potential is child’s play. Gone are the endless pages of menus and complex technical jargon.

Here we have streamlined and effective access. You can finally spend time playing, without wasting it with demanding programming.


















Over 600 integrated sounds.

A “made in Cavagnolo” soundbank. 

You’ll find all the instrument families: piano, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, violin…

It’s up to you to use them how you wish, either on the right or left hand.

You can make your own sound combinations, by overlaying them or mixing them.

Of course, all this can be saved and placed in your preferred location to call up your sounds.

Among these high quality sounds, some use the Art! technology which has been implanted into the Digit AiR Millenium. Thanks to this latest innovation, your sounds will take on an ever more realistic dimension.

Over 70 accordion sounds!

One of the key features of the Digit AiR Millenium is its sounds of the highest quality, in particular the accordion sounds.

We used one of the largest recording studios in the whole of France to enable us to perfectly capture the sound, and we used the latest generation recording equipment. 

The sampling of our acoustic accordions was done with great attention to detail. Each note from every register was recorded!

The Digit AiR Millenium offers over 70 sounds, faithfully restoring the notes captured from its acoustic cousins, since it contains high resolution notes with no digital transformations.

The sound is pure and accurate, suitable for all musical repertoires.

An array of instruments from our range was recorded. You’ll find the Vedette 10, Compact Plus, Professionnel 8, previous Cavagnolos… The sounds of the most renowned accordionists are sampled: Marcel Azzola, Eric Bouvelle, André Astier, Alain Musichini, Joss Baselli, Richard Galliano, Marc Berthoumieux, Aurélien Noel…

And that’s not all.. To complete the accordion family, we also recorded an Alfred Arnold bandoneon and 2 Marcel Dreux accordinas..




Creating your own accordion sounds? No problem!

The Digit AiR Millenium makes any of your wishes come true.

A special tool was implanted into the system in order to be able to totally customise your accordion sounds.

Up to you if you want to create 2, 3, ou 4 voices sounds, tuning these as you wish, to create your sound just as you want it. 

Let your creativity be expressed.



Left hand percussions.

To accompany and add rhythm to your pieces, percussions can be assigned independently on the bass and chord keyboard of the Digit AiR.

For example, you can double up a bass sound and a cymbal, a guitar sound and a snare drum…

Let your creativity decide!


What about a drummer?

To accompany your melodies, you can play alongside a “real” drummer.

“Real” in what way? Well, we recorded 30 audio beats, played by a real professional drummer, on an acoustic drum set.

Your repertoire will be uplifted thanks to this meticulous support. The integrated beats are especially made to suit the accordion repertoire.

The professional audio quality of these beats is a key feature. You can change the tempo of these 30 beats to play at whatever speed is best for you.


And a full orchestra too?

Now, you can have a full orchestra at home just like on stage.

130 orchestrations come with the Digit AiR – all classics for the accordion, of course.

Tempos and keys are completely customisable to your wishes.

The name of the orchestration will appear on your accordion’s OLED screen, and a countdown clock starts as soon as you activate the orchestration.

It’s therefore easy to understand which orchestration is ready as well as the moment it will stop


Upgrades are possible...

Like with any respectable brand, there’s always room for improvement. 

When they are made available, updates allow the system to become ever more optimised.

Additional sound packs are also made available. This means that the soundbank can be constantly improved throughout time. 

The Digit AiR is much more than a MIDI accordion. You can spend years with it and still access our latest releases. Gone are the days when you need to sell your accordion to be able to buy a newer, more powerful model. Cavagnolo designed the Digit to last!


Digit Live Control

Digit Live Control is your control panel, directly accessible from your iPad. Streamlined and conceived for daily use at home and on stage, this app designed for the accordion offers intuitive access to freely customise your Digit AiR Millenium. No prior knowledge is needed to make the most of the Digit AiR.

It will allow you to quickly get to what you need, whether that is accessing the range of sounds, your MP3s, or displaying your sheet music.

We equipped it with a mixing component, just like a mixing panel, to be able to completely and easily control the volume, reverb, MP3 tempo.







Life-changing shortcuts.

In order to meet all of your needs, you can assign functions to the left hand buttons of the Digit AiR.

So it’s simple to change the volume of your accordion or the tempo of your accompaniment, all while playing.

You can achieve what you want, when you want it.

An accordion that uses AirPlay?

AirPlay is a wireless technology that allows you to send content to iPad screens. 

The Digit AiR Millenium offers a revolutionary visual experience.

Imagine an accordionist who can display videos and photos at events?

This is now possible thanks to the Digit AiR Millenium. You’ll also be able to project song lyrics, sheet music, karaoke videos…

Events take on a whole new dimension thanks to Digit AiR Millenium technology.


They use it

  • Aurélien Noel
  • Stéphane Courtot Renoux
  • Stéphanie Rodriguez
  • Claudio Capéo
  • Karène Neuville
  • Patrick Robin
  • Estelle Laroche
  • Tony Fontaine
  • Damien Poyard
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