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We manufacture and offer in our catalog more than 50 models of accordions. The idea of ​​this page is simply to give you the definition of some nominations so that our ranges of acoustic and digital accordions have no more secrets for you. Did you think you knew everything? Maybe the Cavagnolo Lexicon will teach you more 🙂

Cavagnolo lexicon: Understanding the name of our acoustic models


80 bass model constructed in a low volume box. It is therefore not cumbersome and is suitable for younger as well as older players.


96 bass model, made out of wood. The box is solid cherrywood.


96 bass model, without cassotto.


120 bass model developed with double cassotto. During the 90s, the “Compact” version was released.


96 bass model with singular or double cassotto. It’s the smaller version of the Vedette.


108 bass model with singular or double cassotto. It’s the intermediary version between the Compact and Vedette 10.


120 bass model, with piano keyboard. It has 4 voices on the right hand, of which 2 are in the cassotto.

Lexicon Cavagnolo: The voices organisation of our models


5 Registers

Meaning 5 right hand registers (Eg: Orchestra 5, Vedette 5).


Professionnel 8

Means that the accordion has at least 8 right hand registers, and is specially for musette (Eg Professional 8)


Vesette 10

Means that it has a bassoon voice in the cassotto, and a piccolo voice (Vedette 10, Compact 10, Export 10…)


Compact Plus

Means that it has a flute voice in the cassotto, and a bassoon voice (Export plus, Vedette 10 plus…).


Vedette 10 Super

Means that it has 2 bassoon voices in the cassotto (Vedette 10 Super, Export Super…).


Vedette 10 Super

Means that the accordion contains a very powerful double bassoon, with a pronounced phasing effect (Compact Spécial, Vedette 10 Spécial…). Different from the one which the Super series contains.


Means that the instrument is made to Scandinavian standards. It has buttons on the right hand, but with the same look, characteristics and mechanics of a piano keyboard. The access to the right hand registers is on the grill of the accordion, and it has a “Master” bar on the section of the right hand keyboard. The diameter of the right hand buttons is slightly larger than those on a traditional accordion.

Cavagnolo lexicon: NewTech models (carbon)

Some models are called “New Tech.” This means they have a latest generation, carbon fibre box.

They are unbeatable on weight, but that’s not all. The woven carbon fibre box is a major asset for the sound of the instrument. You only need to compare a traditional model and its carbon equivalent to hear the difference.

The New Tech boxes can be equipped on both our digital and acoustic instruments.

Cavagnolo lexicon: Our Digit AiR digital range


Digit is the name of our digital accordions since 2010. It has 3 versions, in order to best meet each individuals’ needs. And, it is available in all colours, can be 96 or 120 bass, and can be made into a piano or button accordion, for every country.

In a few words, it is autonomous, has accordion sounds, piano sounds, saxophone, trumpet, violin… it has Audio Rhythms to play, as well as several orchestrations to accompany you as if you had a real orchestra with you.

It is extremely light (6 kilos for the 96 bass button version), and has a real accordion keyboard with complete mechanics. It has Hi-Tech electronics, with optical contacts to name but a few. It’s the only one on the market to use such high end electronics. 

It’s an evolving model, and can be upgraded to our newer Digit AiR.

With this accordion, reliability and quality are guaranteed.


This stands for ”Accordion iPad system Reprocessing”.

Our Digit series hung up its gloves in November 2018, giving way to the new “Digit AiR” series.

The Digit Air is now our new range, containing 3 versions. It’s the result of 8 years of experience since the creation of the Digit, and 3 additional years of work to create a digital accordion ever more powerful and simple to use.

As a reminder, in 2010, the Digit – first of its name – had opened the doors to an accordion which could be configured via a computer. In 2015, it opened the doors to programming via a Windows Bluetooth touchscreen tablet.

Now with the Digit AiR, we’ve hit even harder by completely eliminating the need for a computer to programme the accordion. It offers simple, easy handling as an acoustic accordion. It can be customised according to your wishes using an app exclusively for Apple iPad tablets. No knowledge is necessary to use your accompaniments or create your own sounds. It’s a new vision of the digital accordion, a better and simpler one.

It’s the first to offer such advanced architecture and capacity of sound while preserving the aesthetics and qualities of an acoustic accordion.

The 3 versions of Digit série AiR

This is our entry level model. It has all our hardware technology, and its usage is limited to the factory settings.

It has all the essentials to do well!

Pro means “Programmable”. You can therefore customise your Digit with mixing of sounds that you like, easily finding your favourite sounds, making use of your orchestrations and new MP3s that you can add… It has a good range of sounds (400+). It can also be programmed with our 2 iPad apps.


The Millennium is programmable, equipped with the HF MIDI Wave system built in, with additional superior quality sounds. It’s also characterised by its increased possibilities and performance over other models. It can also be programmed with our 2 iPad apps.

In short, it’s our top of the range digital accordion.

Système HF MIDI Wave

This is the name of our wireless MIDI transmission system, built in on the Digit AiR Millenium, and optional on other models.

The emitter is integrated inside the accordion, and therefore does not add anything unsightly. The Digit’s expander acts as a receptor. Therefore there’s no need to add a cable.

It works on the 2.4 GHz wifi channel and contains automatic detection of the best emission/reception channel.

Thanks to this, you can play wirelessly and in total freedom.

The Digit AiR apps

This is the main app for the Digit AiR Pro and Millenium. It allows you to completely program and personalise your Digit. It works exclusively on iPad.

You can download it from the App Store, on any Apple tablet, and it includes the Digit Live Control app too.

The Digit AiR app is accessed when your tablet is horizontal.

Digit Live Control

This is the secondary app for the Digit AiR Pro and Millenium. It was conceived for simple, easy and fun usage. The Live Control function is perfect for use at home and on stage, for ease of handling, simplicity and efficacy. 

The Digit AiR app is accessed when your tablet is vertical.

A 2-in-1 app!

The Digit AiR app was conceived to ensure your ability to completely control your accordion is always at your fingertips. The principal innovation of this app is the choice between simple, quick control, and more extended control which allows for the complete range of possibilities. The 2 apps are in constant communication, so if you modify a sound or a parameter in vertical mode, it will also be modified in the horizontal mode, and vice-versa.

The “Digit Live Control” app – when the tablet is vertical – guarantees easy access to all the Digit sounds, volume adjustment, reverb adjustment, bellows expression regulation according to your wishes… You can also access your MP3s easily, with no programming, and change their volume and key, and read your scores or lyrics. You’ll be able to save these modifications if you wish.

When horizontal, the Digit AiR app offers all of the technical possibilities that your Digit AiR Pro or Millenium have on offer.

Gone is the need for a computer to control the Digit AiR!

Cavagnolo lexicon: Digit Vocabulary


The expander is an external casing that comes with every Digit. It’s thanks to the expander that you can hear Digit Sounds and connect your USB key to access your MP3s. It connects to your amplification or you can connect it to your headphones for more discrete usage.


The selector is the part of the accordion which allows you to call up the registers. The acoustic accordions contain this too. The right hand selector is behind the keyboard for button accordions and on the grill for piano accordions. On the Digit, the selector allows you to call up your registrations, of which there are 10 for each 20 available banks. Therefore, it gives you access to 200 registrations per workspace.


A bank is a collection of 10 registrations. In a way, it’s a drawer, which gives you access to 10 possible storages. You can therefore stock 10 registrations of your choice within each of the banks, stored and sorted according to your preferences if you own a Digit AiR Pro or AiR Millenium.


A registration is to the MIDI accordion what the register is to the acoustic accordion. A registration is a register which, when selected, allows you to play with a range of sounds on the right and left hand. A registration is the set of sounds on your bass, chord and voice keyboards, as well as their set of parameters (volume, reverb, expression…)


A workspace is the global content of your 200 registrations, spread out through 20 banks and 10 registers. In a way, it’s the global configuration of your Digit, which is always based on a set of 200 registrations available in the manner of 20 banks and 10 registers.

Each workspace is completely independent on the Digit AiR, so it can be entirely adjusted and customised through all of the available parameters.

With a Digit AiR Pro or AiR Millenium, you can create unlimited workspaces, to always have an accordion which is configured to suit all of your varied usage needs.



Mapping is exclusive to the Digit AiR Millenium. It’s the usage of a function via a button on your Digit. You’ll be able to choose which button or key to use for which function.

Each workspace can receive a set of different mappings, if you wish. 

Thanks to this possibility, you can control the volume of your accompaniments and their tempo, turn the pages of your accordions…

Each button or key of your accordion can be used to make your daily life easier, just like a remote control.

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