Arrangeur module AiR Symphony

Arranger module AiR Symphony is here!

Here is the latest arrival in our digital range: the AiR Symphony arranger module. We worked hard to give it a strong identity. It’s the first arranger we’ve made, and we’re very proud of it. We were committed to making it different from everything else on the market. That’s why we designed a smaller, more convenient module which is easy to move around and transport. To enable this, we created a separate touchscreen which connects via Bluetooth. So there’s no wire between the arranger and the touchscreen. That way, you can use your Arranger module AiR Symphony in the greatest comfort, without needing to contort yourself to access it!

Thanks to this arranger, you’ll have access to a true orchestra in real time, playing in the spirit of our traditions and culture. Have a listen to what it sounds like with our audio samples and videos. Do you have a MIDI accordion or keyboard? No problem, our AiR Symphony arranger module is compatible with all makes and models.


Video demonstration of the arranger module AiR

New demonstration styles AiR Symphony










Voice Link function

If you enjoy regularly changing sounds, the Voice Link is made for you. When this function is activated, each style variation will be associated with a sound. Of course, the choice is down to you. As a result, your favourite sound will be linked to the variation of your own choosing. While you’re playing a specific style, each variation will bring up the  sound automatically!


We know that the ergonomy of an accordion does not allow for many modifications while the musician is in the middle of playing. That’s why this function is designed to help with ease and comfort of handling. Manipulations are reduced to a minimum.

Customisable registrations

AiR Symphony allows you to edit and register your own styles simply, effectively and rapidly. No need to scroll through endless menus to get to what you need!

Thanks to its tactile interface, you’ll be able to seamlessly create your own registrations. You can save your favourite styles all while giving them your own personal touch, without changing any of the original content that comes with it. You can also edit the name of your registration so you can find it more easily.

For the more expert users, AiR Symphony allows you to call up styles and registrations through program changes. If your accordion has this functionality, you won’t even need to touch the AiR Symphony in order to select your styles. It will perform the orders sent to it and automatically load up the desired style or registration.











Listen to the AiR Symphony now!

All demonstrations are performed by Matthieu CHAUSSALET with his Digit AiR Millenium accordion.

AiR Symphony's history

We love challenges. We thought long and hard before the creation of this arranger. For several years we actively worked on its development, so that it met all the requirements of musicians no matter the level, whether accordionists or not. Here at Cavagnolo tradition is always coupled with innovation, and we wanted the AiR Symphony to bring concrete improvements on standard arrangers so that it stood out, and above all that it was easy to use, to allow you to enjoy the moment.

Therefore, we focussed on prioritising the quality of sound and ease of handling, ensuring it was intuitive and rapidly flowing, just like the rest of our AiR series.

That’s why we created the AiR Symphony – a stand out arranger with no unnecessary details, perfect for use at home and on stage.

Exclusive 'Live' styles



All of AiR Symphony’s styles have been arranged to perfectly suit individuals who perform at soirées and dances. It has been produced to be efficient and flowing.

We wanted to give a ‘live’ effect without going overboard, to avoid the clichés of synthetic and unrealistic arrangements.

Small, light and ergonomic!

450 grams! That’s how much it weighs.

You’ll easily be able to take it everywhere. Following the philosophy of our AiR series, we used a tactile tablet measuring 10.1 inches as a control panel, connected to the arranger via Bluetooth.

The aim? The control panel screen is within eyesight, whether you’re at home or on stage. This brings ultimate comfort, especially for accordionists. Imagine having complete access to your arranger without ever having to turn around.

Attach the tablet to your music stand, mic stand, or place it on your desk with a mount, and your AiR Symphony control panel will always be within easy reach. Its large, 10.1 inches colour touchscreen ensures you can easily see it wherever you’re positioned.

This new approach of separating the screen as part of our AiR series brings unbelievable comfort for musicians – goodbye stiff necks!


A new musical color



We’ve written high-quality styles all while respecting the French references. Therefore our waltzes, pasos, javas, bostons, madisons, tangos, but also discos, rocks, and  créoles have all been arranged within cultural traditions. You won’t find any rhythms distorted from their primary purpose just to fill a gap here. So that the rendition was ultra-realistic, we called on professional musicians. AiR Symphony has beats of the utmost quality.

Technically advanced

As well as integrated Bluetooth, AiR Symphony makes use of highly advanced technology.

Certain elements of the arranger, such as the beats for example, are recorded in the studio, in order to create a dynamic, present and realistic sound.

The ASG process (Advanced Strumming Guitar) allows AiR Symphony to bring you excellent rhythmic backing, thanks to well-modelled, punchy guitar sounds. 

From the 480 different sounds available in the AiR Symphony sound bank, 120 benefit from the special EVL (Enhanced Voice Layered) treatment, especially designed to be used solo. These sounds are really suited to outline musical phrases and themes. Their presence and quality ensure credible, efficient sounds.



Sound Mixer: Highly convenient



Thanks to this feature, you can take control of the volume of all the different sections used by the arranger. This way you can quickly change the volume of the drums, bass, orchestration or solo..

Customisable styles

AiR Symphony comes with all of its styles already adjusted and balanced with care. That said, you can make your own modifications and even save these if you wish.

You can modify the tempo of each style and its content. For example, if you want to change the sound of the bass on a variation, you can replace its original sound with another. Changing the volume of the bass on a variation is also possible.

Each variation, for each style, is customisable. You can change the tempo, volume, reverb, panoramics, chorus, and the sounds. 

Each style also has an overall volume which can be modified and saved. For example, if you find that one style sticks out from others by sounding louder, you can lower the overall volume of the style without losing the balance between the different sections used by the arranger. Then you can save it.


MIDI compatibility and advantages

You can use it with all MIDI accordions and master MIDI keyboards with standards systems.

You can call up every style and sound directly from your accordion or MIDI keyboard (if this feature is available on your system).

For accordionists, AiR Symphony has been conceived so as to take into account all of the basses sent to it. This way, you can perform highly precise bass lines, passages, and harmonies which are true to your wishes.




AiR Symphony comes with its 10.1 inch touchscreen tablet.

It has 214 customisable styles (sounds, volume, reverb, tempo…)

AiR Symphony has 3 intros, 3 endings, 4 variations (A, B, C, D) and 4 Fill ins.

It is compatible with pedalboards with 6 or 13 pedals, and you can attach a volume pedal to calibrate the solo sounds that you use for your favourite themes.

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