Junior 80

Junior 80 is our new 80 bass model! It’s sort of a Super Junior revisited. Despite its compact size of 37 cm, i.e. 2 cm less than the Super Junior, it offers the same range.

Its sound is rich because we have integrated 4 left-hand voices into it, which is unusual!! It therefore sounds like a big one and it nevertheless weighs 600 grams less than the Super Junior, or 7.3 Kilos.

This configuration is ideal for children who want a serious and reliable instrument to play, and also for adults who will be surprised by its balanced and round sound. With its size and its small custom-made cover, you can take it everywhere with you.

How to describe Junior 80 in a few words?
Smaller, more compact, lighter, richer with its 4 left-hand voices, and above all, cheaper!

It’s available in marbled black or red, and of course it features our lovely chiseled grille. In order to offer you a lower cost, it is impossible to customize the color of this model. If you want a special color on an 80 bass, it will go through a Super Junior.

Comes with a soft bag, strap and warranty certificate.

Weight 7,3 Kg
Size 37 cm
Case type Traditional
Voices Model Super Dural
Versions available C Griff
Color customization No
Cuztomisable tuning Yes
Left hand
Standard Bass 80
Number of voices 4
Registers 0
Versions available 2x3
Right Hand
Number of rows 4
Number of voices 2 (8+8)
Registers 2
Cassotto No
Notes 66
Range C# / C# (49)
Options available
iMAC Microphone kit Possible
Essentiel MIDI Kit No
Digit AiR MIDI Kit No
A mano voices Possible
Light LED System No
Diamond cup Non


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