Kit MIDI Essentiel

Kit MIDI Essentiel
Kit MIDI Essentiel
1690 € TTC
Installation comprise
Kit MIDI Essentiel HF
2190 € TTC
Installation comprise

Many accordionists want to equip their acoustic Cavagnolo accordion with a reliable MIDI system, at a reasonable cost.
The Essential MIDI Kit is perfect for this. It is adaptable to the majority of Cavagnolo accordions!

It has all of the qualities of a standard MIDI kit, and there’s an HF version too (Essential MIDI Kit HF).

It’s an evolving model, so it will also be able to offer increased capabilities with time. In other words, we can adapt a MIDI HF system later on if you wish.

Comes with a charger, and a MIDI Wave receptor for the HF version


Contacts utilisés Effets Hall (magnétique)
Prise Midi OUT Sur le couvercle main gauche
Alimentation Transformateur externe
Type accus version HF Lithium
Nombre de canaux HF 12
Puissance système HF 5 niveaux disponibles
Left hand
Adaptable sur
  • 2x4
  • 3x3
  • Belge
Right Hand
Adaptable sur
  • Clavier Bouton
  • Clavier Piano
Options available
Systeme HF Midi Wave 2,4 GHz Possible


General presentation

The Essential Kit was designed for smaller budgets. It allows accordionists to equip their acoustic accordions with a MIDI Kit which is reliable and affordable. It has the advantage of being entirely made in France, giving it an important badge of quality.

Like all of our MIDI developments, the Essential system was designed with particular care.




Using it is like child's play!

Like all MIDI accordions, the  Essential MIDI Kit is open on the 1, 2 and 3 channels.

That way you can navigate all the arrangers, expanders and other machines on the market.

It has bellows expression for the right hand section, (MIDI 11 Controller). If you don’t want to use the expression, you can deactivate it.



Aesthetics, always!

Like with all elements of our Digit series, the connectors of this MIDI system are discrete. The grill of your accordion won’t be damaged by having to add an unsightly MIDI jack. The jacks you need to make this kit work are placed on the back of the accordion, on the left hand side.

A little technique

To stay within the lower price range, we used Hall effect contacts (magnetic system). Of course, the optic contacts of the Digit are superior in quality, reliability and precision, but for the sake of cost effectiveness, here we chose more common, inexpensive materials.

In order to counteract the more delicate precision of these low cost contacts, we integrated an LED adjustment on each of the cells of the accordion. Using this method we get highly precise adjustment of the contacts on the accordion keyboard.


Streamlined design, to not affect the sound

Given that the circuits are placed in an acoustic accordion, it made sense to reduce their size as much as we could, in order to not take up too much size inside the accordion. That’s because big circuits have a negative effect on the performance of the reeds of the instrument, as they obstruct the sound of the accordion. The positioning of the circuits in the accordion was chosen to maintain the acoustics as much as possible, and we thought about this very carefully.

As always, an evolving Cavagnolo

As with the rest of our digital range, the MIDI Essential Kit was completely conceived for evolutions. And so it will be possible to equip it with the wireless MIDI Wave system which was made for it down the line. Our two-way wireless system is highly reliable and works on the 2.4 Ghz band.

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