Vedette 10 SK

Vedette 10 SK Cavagnolo

Scandinavian accordions (hence the name SK) arrived in France notably thanks to Richard Galliano.
These have a different morphology – a traditional button accordion traced over a piano model. Two rows of valves, just like a piano accordion… That’s right, the Vedette 10 SK is the perfect transition of a piano accordion equipped with button keys. It is built within the philosophy of an Italian accordion, with waxed valves and music, as opposed to a traditional Cavagnolo.
This particularity offers it a singular sound. Musicians often use it in contemporary music, jazz, or French variety. This instrument has its own unique sound palette, completely different from a traditional Cavagnolo. It can also be an excellent addition to a traditional Cavagnolo.

Comes with a case, strap and warranty certificate.
Weight 10,750 Kg
Size 43 cm
Case type Traditional
Voices Model A mano
Versions available C Griff, B Griff, Belgian C2
Color customization Non
Cuztomisable tuning Non
Left hand
Standard Bass 120
Number of voices 5
Registers 7
Versions available
  • 2x4
  • 3x3
  • Belgian
Right Hand
Number of rows 5
Number of voices 4 (16+8+8+4)
Registers 13
Cassotto 2 (16 + 8)
Range E / C# (46)
Notes 87
Options available
IMAC Microphone kit Possible
Essentiel MIDI Kit No
Digit AiR MIDI Kit No
A mano voices -
Light LED System No
Diamond Cup No


Registre de l'accordéon cavagnolo Vedette 10 SK

They use it

  • Joao Frade
  • Daniel Mille
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